"The circle in dance movement therapy: A literature review"

Άρθρο της Έλενας Καραμπούλα στο περιοδικό The Arts in Psychotherapy, το οποίο εξετάζει τη λειτουργία και τα θεραπευτικά χαρακτηριστικά του κύκλου στη Χοροκινητική Θεραπεία.

The circle represents a powerful symbol with perceived characteristics of totality, wholeness and completeness. Forming a circle is used frequently in Dance Movement Therapy (DMT), emerging on several occasions during a DMT session, especially when working with the model which originated with Marian Chace. The therapeutic factors of the circle formation are fascinating but are rarely documented. This article explores the circle as a symbol and documents the ways in which DMT works with groups, by comparing the essential elements of circle DMT with group therapeutic factors. It reviews the pertinent literature on the subject and summarizes three basic elements of working within a circle, namely, containment and holding, multi-mirroring, and physical contact through the holding of hands.

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