"Dynamic Countertransference"

Άρθρο του Δημήτριου Ζάχου στο περιοδικό Body, Movement & Dance in Psychotherapy.

This article suggests a new concept, namely Dynamic Countertransference, which focuses on therapist’s movement qualities/Laban’s Efforts as a counter- transferential response to client unconscious material. Particular significance is attributed to subtle involuntary movements, called shadow movements, which in 6 effort-combinations, explained by Marion North, can reveal pre- and non- symbolic unconscious material, and might support its symbolic expression and therapy progression. The portrayal of a dance movement psychotherapy family vignette aims to explain the Dynamic countertransferential mechanism. Familiarity with personal movement profile and competence to sieve through objective and subjective countertransference are important prerequisites for its efficient use. Not only does this apply to Dynamic, but also to the use of Kinetic countertransference, which we find to be significantly different. However, both concepts might be regarded as part of Somatic Countertransference, a still under-researched but crucial area for a thorough use of countertransference phenomena, especially in dance movement psychotherapy.

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